Africa In Colors

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 – Sat, 28 Mar 2020

7:00am – 8:00pm


Africa in Colors is an initiative of Hobe Agency that aims to bring Entrepreneurs and Creatives of the African continent together.


Across Africa one, two or more creative solutions are born daily for ourselves, for communities we belong in, but funding those creative works and meeting the market are major challenges African creatives faces, and those are key in growing and impacting our continent, economically and impacting communities around Africa by creating million jobs, in that industry worth more than $ 2,000 billions worldwide. That’s how and why we founded « Africa in Colors » platform, a meet up rendez vous, for all the creatives from across the globe to meet in a festival once a year in one African country, sharing, connecting, marketing, buying & selling their innovations/creative works, through that platform and be able to meet potential investors from Africa and the rest of the world, all in one place. The festival shall attract this year more than 5,000 people from Rwanda, and across the globe and will feature a market, a summit, workshops, entertainment and more. This year’s festival shall impact more than one million people around Africa through our networks and solutions
we shall provide during the festival.


Hobe Agency is a Rwandan based creative agency, we support artists, entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, and organizations develop and implement strategic communication plans, branding solutions and promoting their services or products to access the market and reach a mass through different channels, and we are also a 360 degree solution to events business, we plan, do the management and produce events.
Part of Positive Production event business since 2008, we created our own brand based and operating from Rwanda since 2015, we have promoted festivals, concerts, conferences, artists, exhibitions, and so many other creative activities across Rwanda. For many years, Hobe Agency has created a strong network with other African and global creative agencies in order to build and create bridges for better and sustainable
collaborations between African creatives and the global market. Hobe Agency is the founder of ‘Africa in
colors’ and co produces “Africa in Colors Festival” in partnership with other creative agencies from across the globe.


  • Creating a platform from Africa by Africans that creates opportunities to showcase African talents and latest innovations located in Africa in the creative industry.

  • Creating a platform where the global creative industry meet to discuss, share, connect, and do business with Africa, African talents and for Africa to position itself in an industry worth 3% of the world’s GDP.

  • Creating a platform that connects Africans, African countries through creative industries in order to create million of jobs and more opportunities for Africans to trade among themselves but also, the world.

  • Creating a platform that creates/supports African brands/creatives, to live by their talents.

  • Creating a platform that creates and promotes African contents.

  • Creating a platform that impact communities and gives back to less privileged African communities for better lives.


  • From this platform, collaborations and business generation shall create jobs for Africans for the whole chain of the creative industry.

  • Startups will be exposed on a large pool of investors from within Africa and the world.

  • African talents/startups in the creative industry will be mapped and easily reachable for more opportunities on the global market.

  • Changing lives of communities through creativity beyond boarders on actions that will take place before, during and after the festival.

  • Local communities will be benefiting, from logistic companies to the ones selling biscuits & candies, we shall create revenues for the whole chain.



  • Summit with a guest of honor and African creatives and experts in the creative industry from across the globe discussing on how to position Africa on the global market of the creative industry.


  • We shall have a media salon where people will be meeting to discuss and share their work with the media from across the globe. We shall also have a salon dedicated to startups in the creative industry that wants to learn more on how the business works and grow their brand/ products. We shall have a dedicated salon
    for virtual reality experience and artificial intelligence appliances in the creative industry.
    We shall also have a salon dedicated to investment, where startups with great products
    looking for investment will be meeting with potential investors.


  • For the entertainment part, we shall have fashion shows.

Event Location

Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Event Fees