MaZo Africa Infrastructure Development

MaZo Africa Infrastructure Development (MAID)

We are a infrastructure funded-development management company.

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Figure 1, Low cost housing accommodation.

MaZo Africa Infrastructure Development is a division of MaZo Group, Pty, Ltd. We focus on developing Africa through building infrastructure. The rapid development of any country is largely based on the type of the available infrastructure. All countries need proper infrastructure to deliver all services to it’s people. Without this infrastructure, service delivery will be hampered and affect the lives of it’s residents which might also lead to death in cases of poor hospital infrastructure.

However, as much as this infrastructure is important, it becomes very expensive to build it due to lack of funds, expertise and general support.

MaZo Africa Infrastructure Development offers solutions to infrastructure development of any country.

Light steel technology is affordable, easy to assemble, durable, fire and extreme weather resident resistant with the most minimal time to set up.

Light steel is used in building projects around schools, hospital, low cost housing for residents with extendable designs allowing families to extend their building structure when finances permit and perhaps with the growth of the family.

Student accommodation is a huge within the African continent which might affect the progress of students. Multi-story student accommodation affords decent place for students to stay.

Light steel structures are fire resistant with balconies opening to the side allowing for a wind draft which keeps the rooms cool when needed and warm as needed.

Below are some of the examples of building structures built using light steel construction.

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Figure 2, Low cost student accommodation.

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Figure 3, Low cost hospital structure.

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Figure 4, Inside the low cost hospital infrastructure.

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Figure 5, Low cost schools.

MaZo Africa Infrastructure Development is your number one choice in the development of African Infrastructure and light steel construction.


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